How Superhuman helps leaders at Gem tackle email overload
How Superhuman helps leaders at Gem tackle email overload

Time is a precious commodity that we all have in limited supply. Finding more time to focus on strategic tasks can be challenging for leaders, especially with the never-ending barrage of emails that demand their attention. Jeff Beckham, Head of Product Marketing at Gem, understands the struggle well.

"Like most people, I dreaded checking email. It was a pain to get through, and I was always looking for a better way to do my email, get through it faster, and enjoy it."

He found himself constantly bogged down by the daily influx of emails, which blocked him from focusing on the strategic aspects of his role, like mentoring his team and developing strategies that deliver meaningful results for the company.

That was until a colleague recommended Superhuman โ€“ the fastest email experience ever. Jeff was intrigued and decided to give it a try:

After just a few hours of using Superhuman, Jeff saw a significant improvement in speed. Superhuman's keyboard shortcuts quickly became part of his workflow, allowing him to navigate his inbox speedily and complete various tasks โ€” like archiving, snoozing, and unsubscribing โ€” with just a few taps of his keyboard. 

Jeff loved that he didn't need to memorize the shortcuts. He could take every action using the universal Cmd/Ctrl+K shortcut:

This brings up our command palette. Which contains every action you can take in Superhuman. Plus, shortcuts to do it faster next time!

Jeff's experience with Superhuman is not unique. Over half of Superhuman's customers hit Inbox Zero within four hours of using it.

Using Calendar in Superhuman is another one of Jeff's favorite features. He no longer needs to switch between his email and calendar apps, which used to disrupt his focus and prevent him from staying in the flow.

Jeff can now easily access his calendar, check his team's availability, schedule events, and RSVP. All without leaving ever his inbox:

Superhuman Meeting Scheduling
Schedule Events with Superhuman
"It's a game-changer because I can see my schedule in real-time and know if I'm free... It saves me time and eliminates the frustration that comes with trying to find a time that works for everyone."

Superhuman supports both Outlook and Google Calendar:

Gmail and Outlook Calendars

Superhuman didn't just give Jeff a productivity boost โ€” it also provided peace of mind.

"Having Superhuman gives me peace of mind that a lot of the administrative stuff is taken care of and that it just takes me less time. It has been a really helpful thing for me to get my job done and stay organized,"

With Superhuman, leaders like Jeff can take back control of their inboxes and get more done in less time. Want to discover even more ways Superhuman can help you move faster and focus on your most important tasks? Sign up today.

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