How Superhuman helps Notion stay on top of email
How Superhuman helps Notion stay on top of email

Email is a vital part of our professional lives — yet email technology has hardly changed since its inception. Simply put, its design hasn't kept pace with the needs of modern work. This can leave many feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and with less time to dedicate to more impactful projects.

As Head of Global Campaigns at Notion, Kira Klaas knows exactly how important it is to have the right communication tools at work.

"My inbox felt like a total slog, and I was always missing updates or searching for the latest communication from someone," she says.

With dozens of external partners and vendors to manage, as well as cross-functional projects with teams that span the globe, Kira simply can't afford to spend her time sorting and prioritizing an endless stream of messages.

After years of dealing with a cluttered and overwhelming inbox, she found her savior in Superhuman — the fastest email experience ever made. Kira found she was able to minimize her email anxiety thanks to Superhuman's intuitive UI and features that are truly enjoyable to use.

"Superhuman makes email, which is a big, daunting task, feel really digestible and approachable," Kira says. "I was just really delighted by the UI and had never seen anything that took something as mundane as email and turned it into something that felt really fun and easy to deal with," she explains.

Something Kira has come to love are Superhuman's Inbox Zero rewards — a series of delightful images that can only be found when a customer has emptied their inbox.

Another one of Kira's favorite features is Split Inbox. Kira can automatically sort her messages so she knows exactly which ones are urgent, which ones require action, and which ones can wait — so she never misses an important message.

"The Split Inbox feature is amazing. I sort all of my update-related emails into one split. So all the updates I'm getting from project management tools, from vendors, or from calendar invites, I put that all in one place."

It's been five years since Kira started using Superhuman, and her experience has been so positive that she chose to bring it with her as she transitioned jobs. She highly recommends it to anyone who complains about their inbox.

"Superhuman raised my expectations for pretty much all software. It's already so easy to use, and the fact that it's always improving and adding new features and really taking feedback from its customers is something I think should be a standard everywhere, and means that I will never go back," says Kira.

Don't settle for an email management system that stresses you out. You too can blaze through your inbox, and unlock your full potential with Superhuman — sign up today.

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