The managing director who cut the time she spends on email by 30%
The managing director who cut the time she spends on email by 30%

Ellie Pyemont is a former detective, current managing director, and mother of twins from South London, UK and in just 2 months of using Superhuman, she cut the time she spends on email by a third. Here's how…

I'm always really conscious of time. I want to create time for my family, and get things done at work.

I'm a mother of twins and the managing director of Enlighten Training & Consultancy Ltd, a training company in law enforcement. I'm really proud of my career: I spent 13 years as a police officer, much of that time investigating domestic abuse. It means a lot to me that I was able to help keep people safe.

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Before I started using Superhuman, I used to read articles about how to be more productive. The articles said things like: "only do your email for half an hour in the morning, and after lunch!" I always tried to do that, but it never became a reality. The tasks always just take longer!

What am I missing in my inbox?

I also had all kinds of syncing issues between different email clients. I always had that slight worry: are there things I'm missing?

Sometimes the way emails threaded together didn't give me confidence that I was replying to the right person. It's harder to write really important emails in Gmail being super confident that it will land in the exact way that I want it to. I was diverting that kind of work to Outlook, using Gmail for other stuff, and switching between the 2 platforms… which was hard work.

"I really think that Superhuman has helped with my personal resilience."

Then I read about Superhuman on a productivity blog, and joined the wait list. Somebody from the company reached out, and I jumped at the chance of an onboarding call!

I started to use Superhuman at the same time as dealing with homeschooling my kids during the pandemic: the timing was perfect! I have RescueTime running in the background on my system. And when I finished my first 2 months with Superhuman, I looked back at my data and saw that I had cut my inbox time by a third:

Learning keyboard shortcuts with Superhuman

I'm not a digital native. I did my entire university degree on paper, and I didn't have a laptop until my 3rd year.

But I've wanted to get better at keyboard shortcuts for years. I've always struggled because they've never come naturally to me. It was a massive help for me to get daily emails from Superhuman teaching me the different shortcuts.

The features are fantastic: follow-up reminders, scheduling messages for later in the day, and having the calendar pop up in the side-bar — you can quickly see whether or not you're free on that day, depending on what you're writing.

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So now I really am spending only 20 or 30 minutes in my inbox at the start of the day, and the same after lunch. The rest of my day is getting core work done.

Focusing on what matters

Superhuman really gives me confidence that I'm making progress! I'm not letting anything slip. There's capacity in my workflow to get the most important things done. With the extra time, I close down my work computer and do family stuff.

When I get to an Inbox Zero image, then I know I've ended the day well. And that the next day is going to go well, too.

I really think that Superhuman has helped with my personal resilience. Things are under control, I've responded, I've got stuff done, I've made progress on my most important tasks. It's now OK for me to step back and spend time with my family.

Having that confidence has been fantastic.

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