30MPC's 6 Ways to be an Inbox Superhuman
30MPC's 6 Ways to be an Inbox Superhuman

What’s going on folks?! It’s Armand from 30 Minutes to President’s Club crashing the Superhuman party.

Great sellers come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are incredibly empathetic, able to relate to the prospect and turn into their trusted advisor. Others display patience, slowly peeling back the onion during discovery to understand their true pain. In every leadership role I’ve held, there’s been one particular archetype that just seems to consistently perform.

Organized sellers — those who never drop the ball. 

Systematically running your deals is often more important than conducting the perfect discovery call.

The 30MPC team uses Superhuman to crush the inbox and stay on top of our deals. We partnered with Superhuman to offer 1 month free to the 30MPC community 👇

Check out our top tips for sellers using Superhuman:

Split Inbox: Block & Tackle Your Deals

To stay on top of your deals, rather than in them, it all starts in the inbox.

We’ve all started our days sifting through random internal meeting invites, newsletter updates, and responses to cold emails. Next thing you know, the urgent buries the important. 

In Superhuman, Split Inbox helps you bucket your emails into categories so you can easily prioritize how you want to process them.

To make sure emails from customers never get lost, here’s how I would split  your inbox:

  1. Customer Facing: Work through this first
  2. Internal: Don’t touch this until you’re done with everything in the prior inbox

With proper segmentation, you can block and tackle your inbox.

Time-sensitive emails from live deals will never get lost again.

Snippets: Work Warm Leads Through Your Champions

Not all leads are created equal.

Prioritize working warm leads to increase your win rate. Warm leads are folks who have already shown some level of interest in your product.

Counterintuitively, one of my favorite ways to find some warm leads is by looking at deals you’ve already won. Reach out to a supportive champion from a past successful deal — someone you have a strong relationship with. Ask them to introduce you to their connections who hold similar roles.

If your product is solving a big pain point, there’s a good chance they know someone who has also gone through a similar struggle. Don’t forget: you are asking for a favor! So make it as frictionless as possible for your contact to make the introduction. 

Write a message on behalf of the contact, so all they need to do is send the email.

If you’re planning on sending anything more than once, create a Snippet.

Instead of constantly rewriting the same message over and over again,  preserve the structure once and never rewrite it again. Plus, if this strategy works well, it’ll save you a ton of time in the long run.

Here’s a Snippet for this introduction:

Hey {name} - how’s it going?

I was chatting with {seller name} at {seller company} who mentioned {he/she} has been reaching out to you. 

We recently started using {seller company} and it’s helped us a ton with resolving {pain point} - my guess is you’ve gone through the same.

Do you think it’s worth a quick chat?

Instant Intro: Prioritize Your Hot Leads

Once the introduction is made, it’s time to move quickly.

Capitalizing on momentum is key, especially when you’re on the receiving end of an introduction. This also builds a positive first impression, which is crucial to setting the tone for the rest of the deal.

Use Instant Intro to thank the introducer, move them to BCC, and start responding, all in one go.

Team Snippets: Write It Once & Share It Twice

For bonus points, be a team player and share your snippet with your teammates.

Everyone in sales has emails they need to use over and over again — meeting recaps, objection handles, multithreading introductions. Spread the love and use this as an opportunity to test which emails receive the best response. 

Two (or more) brains are better than one.

Here’s a Snippet we love using for recap emails (we also wrote a whole post about this here). Go ahead, and share it with someone on your team!

Hey {name} - great to meet you.

We’re thrilled to continue working with you and the {company} team.

Included a quick recap, but looking forward to our next call on {MM/DD}:

Next Steps:
{Name: Actionable next step}
{Name: Actionable next step}
{Name: Actionable next step}

Recap: What’s Important to {prospect}?
{Priority 1: Phrase priority one in their words here, two lines max.
{Priority 2: Phrase priority one in their words here, two lines max.
{Priority 3: Phrase priority one in their words here, two lines max.}

Anything I miss?

- {Rep name}

Quick Quote: Respond To Everything By EOD

Most folks just want to know their email has been acknowledged and that you plan on replying.

However, it can be hard to respond to customers when you receive multiple prospect questions containing 17 questions on completely separate topics.

Whether it’s questions about the product, onboarding, or security,  I’ve traditionally taught reps to utilize different colors, bolding, or underlining to keep the response structured.

However, Superhuman’s Quick Quote has quickly become my favorite way to respond, as I can clearly answer every question while maintaining clarity & pace.

Remind Me: Stay On Top of Your Deals

Now that you’ve sent off your response to their questions, it’s your job to follow up in case they don’t respond. 

Don’t drop the baby near the finish line.

I’ve seen reps keep track of deals in many places: Salesforce reports, their Notes app, and a physical to-do list. My recommendation is to have a central source of truth to stay organized. My preference is the inbox!

Utilizing the Remind Me feature in Superhuman, it automatically returns the email to my inbox if I don’t hear back from a prospect within 3 days.

Automate your follow-up process instead of manually ticking off a list of prospects for easier management.

30MPC Pro Tip: Superhuman for Sales has a feed of recent email opens, so you can follow up with prospects when you're top of mind, instead of waiting on the reminder.

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