3 ways to improve sales email results with Superhuman
3 ways to improve sales email results with Superhuman

Email outreach is an integral component of any sales process. Hitting the send button might be easy, but crafting an effective email campaign for cold outreach isn't — even for the most experienced sales pros out there.

While you still need to come up with engaging topics and put in the work to write stellar email content, having the right tools can definitely give you an advantage to achieve higher open and response rates. Here's how Superhuman can help you send effective sales emails that get results.

3 ways you can increase email response rates — and how Superhuman can help

Here's how you can get more potential customers to open, read, and respond to your prospecting emails with Superhuman!

1. Find common ground

91.5% of outreach emails are ignored. But the silver lining is that most cookie-cutter cold emails are impersonal. With a little research about the recipient, you can differentiate yourself and be part of the 9.5% that does get engagement.

The key is to create a positive first impression and build rapport right off the bat. But how do you accelerate the "like, know, and trust” factor in the split second it takes to read the opening lines of an email?

Build trust and relationships with the recipients by mentioning something you have in common in the intro or opening line. This can include a topic of interest, industry experience, a mutual connection, or a place where you both lived or worked.

Use the commonality as an icebreaker to grab the prospect's attention, start a conversation, and build instant trust. Do your research to identify the best conversation starter, then add a personal touch to the message to get your foot in the door.

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How Superhuman can help: Superhuman's Social Insights shows information from your prospects' Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles to help you weave recent events they've posted about on social seamlessly into your email marketing and outreach workflow.

You can find out where the potential customers are based, their industry experience, and their interests to break the ice, bond over common topics, or get back in touch.

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2. Nail your timing

No matter how catchy your email is, it can fall flat if it lands in your reader's inbox at the wrong time. Increase your chances of reply by scheduling your email send time when your prospects are most likely to be checking their email.

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While there are some rules of thumb, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the best sales email send time. It depends on your audience's demographics, industry, time of year, and other varying factors.

But if you're paying attention and checking up on your email metrics, such as email open and reply rates, you'll begin to understand your prospects' behaviors and habits. That way you'll be able to determine what works best for each of your audience segments.

How Superhuman can help: Superhuman shows you the time your emails were opened, so you can schedule your messages to hit prospects' inboxes when they're most likely to read them.

With Scheduled Send, draft your email when you're ready and then simply choose the time you want your prospect to receive it (no time zone math required). It'll land in their inbox at the right moment no matter where you send the email from or what time zone the recipient is in.

3. Send follow up emails

Most prospects won't respond to your first (or second) attempt so you should have a follow up strategy. Create a follow up sequence (e.g., 5 emails) and spread the emails out a few days apart. Craft the message to deepen the relationship while staying on point. You can also weave in social proof to boost your company's credibility.

Schedule these email sequences to hit your prospects' inbox at the best time with a consistent cadence. Focus on how your products or services can solve their challenges, keep the emails short and sweet, and make the content more about them.

Avoid sending a generic "just checking in” email. Instead, personalize the content based on your previous interactions with the recipient, insights you gleaned from your research, or data from your CRM system. For example, you may mention some industry news or a trigger event (e.g., they clicked on a link to a blog post) to add relevance to your message.

How Superhuman can help: Instead of manually (and painstakingly) tracking your outreach on a spreadsheet, use Superhuman to remind you to follow up. When you send an email, set a follow up reminder (e.g., 2 days.) Superhuman will give you a nudge if you haven't received a reply.

You can also use Superhuman's automated follow ups to schedule pre-drafted follow up emails in advance — making sure no prospect falls through the cracks.

Boost response rates with the perfect sales email

Here are more tips to improve your sales prospecting emails and boost your open and reply rates:

Optimize for mobile

If your emails aren't optimized for mobile it means you might be missing out on more than 70% of your desired audience. Some things you can do to make sure your emails are readable on mobile are: creating one-column emails, placing the critical message close to the top, using a bigger font size, and having an easy-to-tap call-to-action (CTA) button to make your emails mobile-friendly.

Don't forget to test your sales email templates on popular mobile devices and browsers. If you include links in your email (e.g., to a product page,) ensure that those pages are mobile-friendly.

Personalize your content

99% of marketers say personalization helps advance customer relationships while boosting open and click rates. Meanwhile, 90% of people find personalized marketing content appealing. But simply adding a prospect's first name to some boilerplate email copy won't cut it.

Implement a segmentation strategy to send relevant and valuable content to each recipient based on the industry or products they're interested in. You can also mention a public and not too personal fact detailed enough to show that you have done your homework and understand their business needs.

Start and end with a bang

Entice recipients to open and read your message with a compelling email subject line, which should be clear and not overly clever. Pique their curiosity while communicating your value proposition. Speak to their pain points, mention a recent event, or add a sense of humor to intrigue prospects to open the email.

Don't forget to end your message with a clear call to action, such as scheduling a phone call via your online calendar, downloading a case study, joining a webinar, or signing up for a free trial. Make it easy for the recipient to take action (e.g., click on a link,) but don’t ask them to do more than one thing.

Supercharge your sales email with Superhuman

Sales teams  have a lot to juggle, yet every detail in every communication counts. With so much going on in your inbox—how can you ensure that you're nailing every email?

Superhuman is the secret weapon high-performing sales teams need to take their sales emails to the next level. Using features such as social insights, scheduled sends, automated follow ups, and more, you can stay on top of your inbox and keep your prospects engaged.

Get Superhuman today and turn email into a competitive advantage.

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