Superhuman now works wherever you do
Superhuman now works wherever you do

At Superhuman, we set out to build the fastest email experience ever made.

Our customers now get through their email twice as fast as before, reply 13 hours sooner, and save more than 4 hours every single week. Superhuman saves teams over 10 million hours every single year. Don't just take my word for it, see what folks say!

We also set out to bring Superhuman to professionals everywhere — on any device, and on any platform.

We started with Gmail on the web. We then built Superhuman for Mac. We followed with Superhuman for iPhone and Superhuman for Outlook. And last year, we launched Superhuman for Windows as well as Superhuman for Gmail on Android.

Today, we are launching the last major piece: Superhuman for Outlook on Android.

Superhuman now works with every combination of {Gmail, Outlook} × {Mac, Windows, Web} × {iOS, Android}!

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To all our customers: thank you so much for being with us on this journey! And stay tuned, as we have some very exciting things to come… 💜

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