How to boost sales rep productivity with HubSpot & Superhuman
How to boost sales rep productivity with HubSpot & Superhuman

Often the biggest improvement to a sales team's tech stack is a better integration, not a new tool. 

Sales leaders know that tool overload can drain rep productivity. HubSpot research found that one in four sales leaders say they maintain too many tools, and 45% of reps are overwhelmed by the number of tools in their stack. A simpler stack decreases context-switching, distractions, and monitoring, which can unlock impressive productivity gains. 

The cornerstones of the sales stack are email and a CRM, and the bar for an integration should be much higher than "doesn't break". Superhuman is blazingly fast email that saves teams over 10 million hours every single year. Superhuman works seamlessly with your existing email accounts and connects directly to HubSpot (or Salesforce) β€” bringing sales intelligence and deal collaboration into your inbox. 

Sales teams save time and close more deals with Superhuman & HubSpot

Get full context without breaking focus

Superhuman shows HubSpot contacts, companies, and deals right inside your inbox. Simply hover over a recipient and the data will display in the sidebar.

The average salesperson spends 13 hours per week on email. Having critical deal information available at a glance saves time, reduces context-switching, and helps craft precise and personal outreach quickly. 

In Superhuman, reps can choose which HubSpot objects and properties are shown, and can add their own.

The customizable view lets reps focus on the deal data that matters most, without ever breaking their inbox workflow. The time saved can be devoted to relationships, follow-ups, and pipeline health.

"Superhuman is an essential sales tool for me. It helps my team reduce crossed wires, get back to clients on time, and stay focused.  With the HubSpot integration I can do my work in one place and reduce context switching."

β€” Roberto Garza, Account Executive, Arbor.xr
To connect HubSpot with Superhuman: 

Hit Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) β†’ Enable Superhuman for Sales, then hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K β†’ HubSpot Settings.

Then, log into HubSpot. After that, in Superhuman you'll see information in the sidebar for any contact that has a record in HubSpot! Hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K β†’ HubSpot Settings to customize your view. To add or remove properties, hover over a section and hit βš™οΈ

Keep HubSpot up-to-date without breaking stride

Reps can update HubSpot from Superhuman, making CRM hygiene seamless. 

Maintain an up-to-date CRM at Superhuman speed, without breaking flow or switching context. You can update the status of an existing prospect, or simply add a new contact. 

With Auto-Bcc, Superhuman will automatically log sent emails to HubSpot. Particular domains or emails can be excluded, so you don't accidentally log internal conversations or emails to your lawyers or investors.

These features take the busywork and hassle out of CRM hygiene. Sales reps appreciate them because they can lean into relationships and conversation, with less stress about creating admin overhead to tackle later. 

Sales leaders love how these features support good CRM habits. As a result, HubSpot reflects a more accurate snapshot of pipeline health and team performance. 

To set up Auto-Bcc, first find your HubSpot bcc address, then hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+K β†’ Auto-Bcc Settings.
Paste the bcc address and hit Enter to save.

Focus on the right deals at the right time

Reps report moving faster on the deals that matter most, thanks to HubSpot in their inbox and Superhuman's features for high-performing sales teams, such as Recent Opens and Superhuman AI.

Recent Opens shows a feed of who is opening your emails. Reps know when they’re top of mind, so they can follow up with perfect timing.

Superhuman AI is a powerful email assistant that can summarize whole conversations, draft replies in your own voice, and search 2-3x faster than the AI search in Gmail and Outlook.

With HubSpot and Superhuman working together, a rep's workflow might look like this:

  • Sees activity in Recent Opens. Notices that a prospect has opened a recap email sent 3 weeks ago.
  • Opens the conversation, checks HubSpot information in the side panel. Notices the deal is a high priority. 
  • Uses Ask AI to check if any teammates have recently corresponded with the prospect, or others at the target company.
  • Sends a personalized follow-up email, using Write with AI to prepare a full draft in their own voice from just a few phrases. 
  • Sets themselves a Reminder to follow-up in 2 days. 
  • Updates a "Next steps" custom HubSpot property 
  • Marks the conversation done, clearing it from their inbox

All within a few minutes, all without switching context, all while keeping HubSpot up-to-date and sharing visibility with their team. For a rep, acting with such responsiveness is key. As our own Head of Sales, Andrew Johnston, noted in his blueprint for sales success for product-led growth teams:

"The simplest and most effective thing you can do is lean in when the customer is leaning in. You need to meet interest with interest. You need to be as responsive, attentive, and proactive as you can."

β€” Andrew Johnston, Head of Sales, Superhuman

Superhuman helps sales teams move faster and collaborate more effectively

There's no shortage of great tools to support sales teams, but no tools matter more than email and your CRM. Better integrations boost efficiency and rep productivity. High-performing sales teams using HubSpot and Superhuman save hours of busywork, bring sales intelligence and deal collaboration directly into the inbox, and focus on the deals that matter. 

"I send 50+ customer emails a day, and being able to stay in email and see all the HubSpot data in the Superhuman sidebar saves me 3-4 minutes on every email. I can’t imagine getting work done without it."

β€” Sharan Jhangiani, GTM Generalist,

Ready for blazingly fast email? Try Superhuman today, or if you'd like to talk to our Sales team and learn more, just drop us a line.

"Because Superhuman helps me be very responsive to email, I can close more deals, faster. Plus, features like the Recent Opens Feed and Reminders help me and my team win opportunities that we could have missed otherwise."

– Nick Sorenson, VP of Sales, LeaderFactor