Superhuman 2.0
Superhuman 2.0

At Superhuman, we set out to build the fastest email experience ever made. Over the last seven years, we have done precisely that!

Our customers now get through their email twice as fast as before, reply 2 days sooner, and save more than 4 hours every single week. Together, they have sent over 340 million messages and have saved more than 30 million hours. Customers all over the world are happier, more productive, and closer to achieving their potential.

We have also significantly evolved our product. Superhuman now works wherever you do, on every combination of {Gmail, Outlook} × {Mac, Windows, Web} × {iOS, Android}. We are building Superhuman for Sales — a new version of Superhuman designed for sales teams — with sales superpowers like Smart Send, a Recent Opens Feed, and integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot. And we are of course investing massively in AI, with category leading features like Write with AI, Auto Summarize, Instant Reply, and Ask AI. U.S. News recently chose Superhuman as the best AI-powered email client for 2024, and we still have so much more to come. Imagine an AI agent that schedules meetings, triages your inbox, and even drafts fully written emails on your behalf!

This has all led to a major inflection for the company. We are being pulled upmarket into the enterprise. Our largest deployments have grown by more than 10x, from small startups to teams of several thousand. We are now serving demand from industries beyond technology, including government, professional services, as well as banking and finance. And over the last year, we have more than doubled the rate at which we welcome new users:

As we've grown to serve larger companies, we noticed a fundamental problem with email. Every other piece of software is now collaborative by default. Many of us collaborate every day in tools like Figma, Notion, Loom, and Slack. And even though more people use email than any other tool — 1 billion professionals use email for 3 hours every day — email is not yet collaborative.

Imagine you want to share an external email with your team — it could be feedback from a client, a question from a prospect, or an exciting partnership opportunity. You could jump on the phone or call a meeting, but your team may not be free. And even if they are, meetings are inefficient and expensive. You could paste a screenshot into Slack or Teams, but now the conversation is in two separate places. And unless you keep pasting screenshots, there’s no way for your team to stay up to date. You could forward or bcc, but now you have to remember to do that for every email you send and receive. And there’s always the risk that somebody hits reply all and then says something regrettable externally. These problems slow teams down, make companies less effective, and cost real business!

That is why I am beyond thrilled to announce our next major step with Superhuman. We have reimagined the core email experience to be multiplayer by default:

  1. You can now share a live view of any email conversation with your team. No need to ask for meetings, paste screenshots, or repeatedly forward and bcc.
  2. Your entire team can collaborate within Superhuman or via a link. No need for everyone to be a Superhuman user.
  3. Your entire team can comment directly on the email. No risk that internal comments leak.

You can now rapidly unblock progress, collaborate where work actually happens, and include your team wherever they are! 🤝

Our collaboration features will start rolling out to teams today.

If you’re on a team, just hit M to comment and share a conversation. Simply @mention teammates to bring new folks in.

If you want to share without commenting, click Share in the conversation header, or hit Cmd+S (Mac) or Ctrl+S (Windows). To copy a link, hit Cmd+S or Ctrl+S again!

And to start a team, hit Cmd+K or Ctrl+KAdd to Team. Or if you'd like to talk to sales and learn more, just drop us a line.

We designed these new collaboration features to work perfectly with our other team features:

  1. Team Snippets: Share templates across your team, so you can all work faster with current and consistent messaging.
  2. Team Read Statuses: Read statuses are shared across your team, so anybody can follow up with full context.
  3. Team Reply Indicators: See when your team is replying, so you can avoid double work and embarrassing collisions.
  4. Team Scheduling: See when your team is free, so you can schedule at the speed of thought.

We've been using our latest AI and multiplayer features for a while now. Together, they fundamentally change how email works.

We call it Superhuman 2.0, but we think it's bigger than that.

The evolution of email is over. The Email Revolution begins!

Onwards 🚀

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